• Khasab City: -

The adventurous and exciting journey into khasab which is the capital of Musandam is most commonly started with the visit of Khasab city. This appeases the fishing village and oasis overlooks the Gulf of Arabia and the straits of Hormuz. In the tour package the tourists visit the restored Portuguese fort which is now a museum that is full of Omani handicrafts and interesting historical documents. Then they move to the neighboring village of Qadah to view the rock painting, prehistoric rock carvings, illustrated camels, ships and warriors. Under the children policy below five years children will be charged 30% of the package cost and children 5-10 years will be charged 60% of the package cost. During the Eid, Christmas New year and Easter holidays cost will vary from the normal package.

Khasab Fort: - Near to the Old Souk the pretty stone fort of the town was built by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century as part of their efforts to control the passing maritime trade. Although the waters haveKhasab Fort many time decreased a considerable distance other than the structure high and dry but still the beautiful fort is located on the seafront. A couple of large wooden dhows stand outside. The closest entrance of the fort is particularly attractive, sporting and considerate the pretty shell decorations. The bow of boat and stern also display a rare remaining example of the traditional stitched method of boat building. In the center the most unusual feature of the fort stands that is a large and completely and detached circular tower.

Telegraph Island: - Telegraph Island is tiny and rocky island in the Musandam Peninsula region of Oman and it is also called Jazirat al Maqlab. With the presence of its spectacular fjords it is often called the Norway of the Middle East. On the map the general location of the Island is shown by the red circle. Today the Telegraph Island is considered an eerie reminder of the British Empire. In the mid of the 1870s the Island has remained deserted and the tourists can only see the disintegrated ruins of the repeater station and operators’ quarters. But nowadays the tourists regularly visit the Island by the dhow carrying tourists to vie the ruins and to fish and snorkel in the waters around it.

Musandam beach: - musandambeachKhasab Musandam Dhow Cruise offers the outdoor camping on a magical sandy beach inside the Musandam Fjords. Visitors have chance to experience romantic nights with heir friends and families on Khasab Musandam beach. The visitors are transfer to the Musandam beach through speedboat where all of the necessary items are arranged for them including; Tents, Mattresses, Blankets, Pillow Chairs, Dining tables, Music System Electricity, Wood for Camp fire Fresh water bag for bath, Basic toilet. BBQ Buffet dinner, Soft drinks, Tea, Coffee (Omani). Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Playing Cards & Sheesha ( Can be Provided on Demand)

  • Seebi Island: - Basically snorkeling and swimming is enjoyed in the Seebi Island. The visitors enjoy the snorkeling in the Fjords of Musandam Peninsula that is included in the full day or half day Dhow cruise package. Snorkeling is done to see the corals inside the sea and to enjoy the crystal clear water around the peninsula. Snorkeling masks and fins of appropriate size are provided in the package as well as towels are also provided on the dhow.