Awesome Things to see and to do in Musandam Oman Tour

Awesome Things to see and to do in Musandam Oman Tour

Oman is famous for its beautiful sights; visitors come to see and do the best things in Omani peninsula Musandam. Musandam is a separate piece of land from the rest of the country United Arab Emirates. It is situated in the northernmost point of Oman and surrounded by binary gulfs; the Arabian and the Omani; the regime has a great number of natural and architectural wonders. Here is a list of the awesome things to see and do in Musandam Tour .

Navigate around the Beautiful Fjords of Musandam Oman

Fjords of Musandam is the beautiful sight for the visitors to enjoy as coastline administrators have constructed lots of traditional boats and dhows that they custom for fishing, among other hobbies. Significantly, travelling by boat ride with visitors and tourists is a thrilling activity.

You will really enjoy going through the gulf waters of fjords while sipping Omani coffee and dates and chitchat with locals. Many visitors ask the drivers to stop the ferry so they can have a swim in the crystal turquoise waters of Musandam and enjoy the cool weather. You will certainly feel energetic during your Musandam Oman Tour .

Tour to Khasab Castle

The Khasab Castle attracts the visitors for its matchless beauty. The castle is situated in the Province of Khasab, the capital city of Musandam Peninsula. Portuguese had built this castle in the 17th century, when the populated the Khasab Province, according to their design of taking hold over the Strait of Hormuz; it is the contracted entry to the Arabian Gulf from the Arab Peninsula. This Castle was used by Omanis battling against the Portuguese out of their country in 1624. Later on, the castle was used as the house of the Walli/ the governor of Khasab and as a custodial as well.

Nowadays, several exhibitions about the history of Musandam are displayed at the castle. Furthermore, an old documents exhibition and many other exhibitions as jewellery, clothing, weapons, kitchen equipment and wedding decorations are also exhibited there in this historic Khasab castle. The Quran teaching school has also been established there to provide religious and traditional teaching. The model school called as gait Al Quful. Moreover, visitors enjoy travelling by ancient traditional boats and canons that were made in Musandam. However, a trip to Khasab Castle is a thrilling experience to explore the history of Musandam and to know about the unique features and heritage of the rule.

Reveal in the golden beach of Khasab

Musandam is enriching with beautiful beaches where you can enjoy golden sand, crystal turquoise waters and amazing sea creatures and birds. However, the beach of Khasab is the most attractive beach of the Musandam Governorate. If you visit Khasab beach, you will enjoy spending a whole day on the magnificent beach, swimming in the refreshing waters, taking a vessel trip, or even plan for camping for a night on the implausible beach. Whenever you arrange a Musandam Oman Tour, you must not miss visiting Khasab beach.

Lookout Dolphins swimming around Musandam

By traditional Omani Dhow, you can enjoy to lookout Dolphins swimming in the Musandam water. A boat ride is the best thing to do in Musandam waters; it will offer you a beautiful sight of swimming dolphins in the waters. These dolphins are of two types one is called Humpback dolphins (Sousa Chinensis) and the other one is recognized as Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus).

Hiking and Camping on Jebel Harim

You can enjoy hiking and camping on Jebel Harim, the highest point in Musandam. The height of the Jebel Harim is around 2,087meters high. Jebel Harim stands for the Mountain of Women. It has a historical background related to Omani women as they were used to go up the mountain to hide them in the state of fraught; they might get kidnapped by pirates when their men were far from their homes on a fishing tour. Nowadays, tourists can go hiking and camping up to the hill so that they can enjoy the outstanding views from the peak of Jebel Harim.

Paraglide over Zighy Bay

All adventure seekers enjoy paragliding and parasailing in Musandam. They love to experience mind-blowing views of mountains, beaches, valleys and bays, specifically the Zighy Bay. The tourists start their paragliding over the Zighy Bay from Zighy Mountain at a height of 1,000-feet above the earth. However, you must never miss the chance of paragliding over Zighy Bay. Paraglide over Zighy Bay is an awesome thing to see and to do in Musandam Oman Tour.

Go Diving and Swimming

Musandam is famous for its stunning crystal turquoise waters that reflect some of hidden gems and treasures. So you must go diving and swimming to relish the beauty of nature and the incredible sea creature.

Khasab is a beautiful place that offers many of the awesome things to see and to do to the visitors.